How Parents Can Help Kids Improve Test Scores: Taking the Stakes Out of Literacy Testing

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This book will improve the skills of the classroom teacher while assisting parents in developing a home-based reading program that is supportive, enriching, and user-friendly.


Steve Schneider has been a reading teacher in New York serving many schools throughout his career. He is professor of Literacy Education at Manhattanville College and Long Island University. For over thirty-five years, he has worked to help children achieve greater literacy knowledge and understanding of the world around them and has strived to make all of his students more responsible citizens to their society and to themselves.


I love the specific ideas and suggestions [Schneider gives] to parents and teachers. The Pinpoint Reading Program is totally non-threatening and very easy to implement. -- Kathy Schwartz, reading specialist, Clarkstown, New York, Board of Education As a parent and a teacher, I understand that it is important to develop the literacy skills of our youngsters for use both at school and at home. The strategies and activities offered in How Parents Can Help Kids Improve Test Scores to improve reading and test-taking skills will be valuable to me as an educator. As a parent, I will be better prepared to provide a home environment that encourages my children to become more confident and successful readers. With children spending so much of their free time watching TV and playing computer games, it is refreshing to hear from an author who offers us other options for learning. I have already begun to implement some of Mr. Schneider's suggestions both at home and in class. -- Steven Schulner, New York City Board of Education (retired) Reading teacher Schneider suggests simple strategies parents and teachers can use to help elementary and middle school students score well on standardized reading tests. Reference and Research Book News [A] parent-friendly book filled with many inventive strategies, activities, and suggestions to help improve and encourage children's reading abilities. -- Richard Bollinger, education consultant, New York City Department of Education
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