Worlds of Welfare: Understanding the Changing Geographies of Social Welfare Provision

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Dezember 1996



Throughout the world welfare systems have been experiencing a period of unprecedented change. Understanding these changes is difficult, not only because of their diversity, but also because they vary so much from place to place.
Worlds of Welfare provides a clear and concise guide to these changes. The first part of the book examines the range of different welfare states around the world, describing the various reforms - such as privatisation and commercialisation - which have been introduced in recent years. The second part of the book tests the many theoretical perspectives for understanding such social change. The book concludes with an exploration of the future of the welfare state in multicultural societies.
Clearly written, with an extensive glossary of key terms, the book demonstrates how a geographical perspective is crucial to understanding the diversity of welfare reform. Worlds of Welfare will be of interest to all concerned for the future of welfare services.


Part One: Charting the Dimensions of Change in Welare States * Chapter 1: Introduction * Chapter 2: Changing the Welfare State: Chipping away at the edges * Chapter 3: 'Hollowing Out' The Centre: Changes within public services Part Two: Evaluating Contemporary Social Theories * Chapter 4: Regulation Theory * Chapter 5: Structuration Theory * Chapter 6: The Cultural Turn * Chapter 7: Conclusions
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