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Januar 2003



A study of the development of the medical profession and the health system in Costa Rica, integrating an analysis of class, gender, professional hierarchy, and a comparative perspective on the health care systems of other nations.


Steven Palmer is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Windsor, Ontario. He is the author of "The History of Costa Rica."


"As a comprehensive study of the medical profession in Costa Rica and a sound comparison with medical developments in Latin America, this work is remarkable, novel, and useful. Steven Palmer's integrated analysis of class, gender, professional hierarchy, and hybrid medical combinations is superb. This work will be a splendid addition to an emerging literature on the social history of medicine in Latin America." Marcos Cueto, author of The Return of Epidemics: Health and Society in Peru during the Twentieth Century "From Popular Medicine to Medical Populism presents new material of substantial interest to both Latin American specialists and medical historians. Steven Palmer has marshaled a convincing story in a challenging way that both informs and raises issues for debate." John K. Crellin, coauthor of Professionalism and Ethics in Complementary and Alternative Medicine
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