Nothing But the Truth: Why Trial Lawyers Don't, Can't and Shouldn't Have to Tell the Whole Truth

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A Novel And Engaging Analysis Of The Role Of Storytelling In Trial Advocacy The best lawyers are story-tellers, Steven Lubet says, who take raw, disjointed observations of witnesses and transform them into coherent, persuasive narratives. He demonstrates that the craft of storytelling helps to establish a "theory of the case"--a plausible explanation of the underlying events presented in the light most favorable to the client--and also develops the "trial theme, " the lawyer's way of adding moral force to the desired outcome. Yet, Lubet points out, storytelling may be misused. Every story must ultimately be based on "nothing but the truth." Lubet elaborates the stories of six trials. Some of the cases are real, including John Brown and Wyatt Earp, while some are fictional, including Atticus Finch and Liberty Valance. The overall conclusion is that purposive storytelling proves a necessary dimension to our adversary system of justice.


"A readable and enjoyable book of interest to the lay public, litigators and aficionados of trials alike...well worth reading." -- CBA Record "Delightful and insightful...He knows how to tell a story, and he knows that facts depend on perceptions." -- ABA Journal "Lubet's ability to downplay advocacy techniques while emphasizing the rich context of facts, story, and personalities is superb" --Choice "A delightful and insightful book [that] entertains as it instructs." --ABA Journal"This excellent set of essays, both scholarly and imaginative, offers a rare bridge between the parallel universes of legal scholarship and courtroom practice. There is no better guide to the enterprise of storytelling in the law than Steve Lubet." --Marianne Wesson, Professor of Law, University of Chicago
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