Fool in Love: One Man's Search for Romance . . . or Something Like It

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Februar 2004



A collection of 31 autobiographical essays chronicling the author's lifelong search for love in spite of himself--and the women and situations he both personally encounters and witnesses in the process.


Stephen Ivory has been a music and culture journalist for more than twenty-five years. His work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Essence, Vibe and The Source, among other publications. The author of the biographies Prince! and Tina!, he writes a weekly column for the Electronic Urban Report newsletter.


"Steven Ivory's hilarious and poignant accounts of his relationships artfully throw all caution to the wind, and we all benefit from the laughs and the lessons." - Travis Smiley, NPR host; "Steven Ivory writes with wisdom, compassion, and wicked humor about the universal experience of searching for that often elusive thing called love. Fool In Love made me laugh, cry...and think." - J. Randy Taraborrelli, bestselling author of Call Her Miss Ross"
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