Base Colonies in the Western Hemisphere, 1940-1967

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November 2008



This book examines the social, economic and political aftermath of the famous Anglo-American 'destroyers-for-bases' deal of 2nd September 1940 that saw fifty obsolete U.S. destroyers exchanged for 'base colonies' in Trinidad, Bermuda, Newfoundland and the Bahamas.


List of Figures List of Tables Acknowledgements Introduction The United States and Hemispheric Defense The Tourism Politics of Base Location in Bermuda Working for Uncle Sam in Newfoundland "You Can't Eat Dignity": Race and Labor in the British Caribbean Building Bases on a Jim Crow Island The American Occupation of Stephenville, Newfoundland The Racial Politics of Criminal Jurisdiction From Slavery to Chaguaramas Conclusion: Stepping Stones to New Empires Notes Bibliography Index


STEVEN HIGH is Associate Professor in Public History at Concordia University, Canada.


""Base Colonies "is strikingly original- the comparison of the labor and social history of a series of different British colonies as each dealt with the effects of the construction of US military bases provides a window into how empire, class and race work. Theoretically engaged and grounded in a deep understanding of each society, this book is comparative social history at its best. High has shown us that grand strategic decisions pay benefits and impose costs on those who find themselves hosting the United States armed services."--Jeff Webb, Department of History, Memorial University of Newfoundland; Editor, "Newfoundland"" and Labrador Studies""World War II was a watershed in modern history and High focuses on a critical time and element in the period, namely the consequences of the destroyers-for-bases deal made between the UK and the USA in 1940. The book is original in the geographical scope of its material and the nature of its comparative perspective. Its study of the bases in Bermuda and Newfoundland as well as the Caribbean is unique. In addition to the historiographical importance of this book, the whole question of the rights and behavior, the legality and the impact, of US service personnel in and around their bases in foreign countries is highly topical and very relevant for the foreseeable future."--Nigel Bolland, Charles A. Dana Professor of Sociology and Caribbean Studies, Emeritus, Colgate College"Don't miss this book - it will broaden your perspectives on the effects of the Second World War." --Frank D. McCann, "The Journal of Latin American Studies"
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