Consumer Credit Fundamentals

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Despite the huge expansion in consumer credit in the last 25 years there are very few texts describing the operation of consumer credit markets. Consumer Credit Fundamentals is the first book to provide a broad cross-disciplinary introduction to the subject. It covers the history of credit, the types of consumer credit available, how credit is granted and managed, the legal framework within which commercial lenders must operate, as well as consumer and ethical issues. A complete, well-rounded and practical introduction to consumer credit.


Preface Introduction The History of Credit Products and Providers The Economics of Credit and its Marketing Credit Granting Decisions Credit Reference Agencies Credit Management Ethics in Lending Legislation and Consumer Rights Appendix A: The Calculation of Interest and APR Appendix B: A Brief Note on the Construction of Credit Scorecards


STEVEN FINLAY is an expert in consumer credit and credit risk management, with over ten years experience of working within the financial services industry and academia. During the course of his career he has worked on numerous projects in conjunction with almost every major credit granting institution in the UK. He is currently a researcher at Lancaster University, UK.
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