The Classic Treasury of Bulfinch's Mythology

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"Young readers will relish the adventure and magic that fill these legendary tales, retold for readers ages 4 through 8. This exquisite illustrated hardcover contains ten of the most beloved Greek and"


Thomas Bulfinch (1796-1867) wrote "The Age of Fable "in 1855 which is more commonly known as "Bulfinch's Mythology." He is also the author of "The Age of Chivalry "and "Legends of Charlemagne," both retellings of medieval tales. Bulfinch's versions of these classic Greek and Roman myths have introduced generations of readers to the exciting world of gods, goddesses, and heroes. Giles Greenfield was shortlisted for the Children's Book Award for his "Owen and The Mountain." He has illustrated numerous other books, including "Sasha and the Wolfchild," "Chaucer the Cat and the Animal Pilgrims," and "Greek Myths." Greenfield has also worked in advertising as a storyboard artist. He lives in Devon, England with his wife and daughter.
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