Building Buzz to Beat the Big Boys: Word-Of-Mouth Marketing for Small Businesses

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Shows readers how to: understand their customers better; increase customer loyalty to their store; communicate with customers to maintain loyalty; encourage loyal customers to talk to others about their store; create a customer community, both in the store and on line; and, measure results.


Steve O'Leary is CEO of O'Leary and Partners, an advertising agency in California. Kim Sheehan is Associate Professor at the University of Oregon. She is the author of Controversies in Contemporary Advertising, and a coauthor of Using Qualitative Research Methods in Advertising.


"The Web has caused a redefinition of business systems and how they interact and dialogue with consumers. This is especially true for small businesses, which face challenges marketing their products and services and competing with large, often global competitors. O'Leary (CEO, advertising agency) and Sheehan (Univ. of Oregon) successfully take on the challenge of addressing these important how-to issues for small businesses. They establish a basic road map--customers-conversations-community-commitment--as the organizational framework for this useful work. The objective is to help small businesses use customers to talk about their stores and services with others to help build a growing community of customers and increase sales. As a method, this is word-of-mouth on steroids. This well-organized, lucid book sets forth this operating approach with practical marketing suggestions, and ideas that make budget sense and can be quickly implemented and measured. A how-to book doesn't get much better than this....Highly recommended." - Choice
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