Maverick Real Estate Investing: The Art of Buying and Selling Properties Like Trump, Zell, Simon, and the World's Greatest Land Owners

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Introduction. Chapter 1: Make a Good Deal. Chapter 2: Understand Cycles. Chapter 3: Use Other People's Money. Chapter 4: Establish Cash Flow Targets. Chapter 5: Be in Alignment. Chapter 6: Find a Nearly Perfect Location. Chapter 7: Benefit from Someone Else's Disasters. Chapter 8: Make Safe Gambles. Chapter 9: Hire Savvy Managers. Chapter 10: Get Good Legal and Tax Counsel. Chapter 11: Overcome Negative Responses. Chapter 12: Sell to Your Advantage. Notes. Index.


STEVE BERGSMAN is a nationally recognized financial and real estate writer. For more than twenty-five years, he has contributed to a range of magazines, newsletters, and wire services, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal Sunday, Financial World, Fortune, Investment Dealers' Digest, and Reuters News Service. He is also a regular contributor to the "Ground Floor" real estate column in Barron's, and has written for all of the leading real estate industry publications, including National Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Portfolio, Retail Traffic, Mortgage Banking, and Urban Land.
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