Zimbabwean Political Crisis

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Juli 2011



This book serves to evaluate the effectiveness of the Catholic Church's prophetic voice in the post-independence Zimbabwe. The argument of this book is fundamentally built on the conviction that Christian political ethics or church-state dialogue is necessary but there is a need for the church to critically reflect at its method of dialogue. The study draws our attention to the fact that being prophetic is not enough unless the voice which prophesied positively engages empathetically with the 'other'. The author calls for an Empathetic Dialogical Method as an appropriate method which can facilitate an efficacious dialogical process. This study is informed by the suffering of the Zimbabwean people at the hands of a ruthless regime and a church whose prophetic voice is ineffective.


A former Catholic student priest and a doctoral student from the school of Religion and Theology at the University of KwaZulu Natal(SA), in the Religion and Governance program. He holds a degree in Philosophy from St Joseph's Theological Institute, an Honours and Masters Degree in Systematic-Political Theology from the University of KwaZulu Natal
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