Lifelines for Money Misfortunes: How to Overcome Life's Greatest Challenges

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Oktober 2007



Through his bestselling books, TV appearances, and counseling services, Pollan has empowered people to take charge of their lives. Now in this encouraging guide, he shares more of his cutting-edge ideas on dealing with the unpredictable accidents, disasters, and crises that disrupt our carefully planned lives.


Acknowledgments. Part 1. The Secrets Of Personal Crisis Management. Chapter 1. Alleviate The Pain And Learn The Essential Skill. Chapter 2. Accept The Problem And Own The Solution. Chapter 3. Unburden Yourself. Chapter 4. Lighting The Darkness. Chapter 5. Cultivate Antibodies. Part 2. Lifelines For 33 Of Life's Most Trying Catastrophes. Lifeline 1. Your Child's College Fund Has Come Up Short. Lifeline 2. You've Lost Your Job. Lifeline 3. You're Dropped By Your Insurance Company. Lifeline 4. You're Temporarily Disabled. Lifeline 5. You're Permanently Disabled. Lifeline 6. Your Spouse Is Having An Affair. Lifeline 7. You're Diagnosed With An Incurable Disease. Lifeline 8. You Lose Your Major Client Or Customer. Lifeline 9. Your Landlord Won't Renew Your Business's Lease. Lifeline 10. You Receive A Bad Review Or Are Put On Notice. Lifeline 11. You're Accused Of Improper Behavior At Work. Lifeline 12. You Can't Make Your Loan Or Credit Card Payments. Lifeline 13. Your Parent Dies. Lifeline 14. You Need To Send Your Child To Private School. Lifeline 15. You're Getting Divorced. Lifeline 16. You're Facing Large Uncovered Medical Bills. Lifeline 17. Your Adult Child Needs Financial Support. Lifeline 18. Your Parents Need Financial Support. Lifeline 19. Your New Boss Dislikes You. Lifeline 20. You've Been Embezzled. Lifeline 21. You Haven't Saved Enough For Retirement. Lifeline 22. Your Spouse Or Child Suffers A Permanent Disability. Lifeline 23. You're Facing Large Uncovered Property Losses. Lifeline 24. Your Company Is Sold. Lifeline 25. You Lose Your Key Employee. Lifeline 26. You're Accused Of A Crime. Lifeline 27. Your Bank Calls Your Line Of Credit. Lifeline 28. Someone Has Been Promoted Over You. Lifeline 29. Your Company Declares Bankruptcy. Lifeline 30. Your Transferred Against Your Will. Lifeline 31. Your Job Functions Or Title Is Changed. Lifeline 32. Your Business Is Forced To Close Temporarily. Lifeline 33. Your Spouse Or Life Partner Dies. Notes. Index.


Stephen M. Pollan, a New York City based attorney and career expert, is one of America's most-renowned financial minds. Pollan has been an attorney for over fifty years, with expertise in corporate and personal finance law. He has been an assistant professor of finance at the C.W. Post School of Business and was formerly CEO of a closed-end investment company on the American Stock Exchange. Pollan was previously CNBC's on-air personal finance expert for eight years. Mark Levine has been Stephen Pollan's col-laborator for more than twenty years. Together, they have authored numerous national bestsellers and have been nominated for three National Magazine Awards.
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