Tropical Estuarine Fishes: Ecology, Exploration and Conservation

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Dezember 2000



Tropical estuaries are a vital part of the marine and tropical ecosystem and there is currently a great deal of concern about the impacts of human activities on them. The economic value of estuaries far outweighs their relative size, having the highest value per hectare than any other ecosystem. This book provides a full overview of the exploited fish species and their associated fisheries, on which many countries' economies rely.


Series Foreword. Preface and Acknowledgements. 1. Scope and Definitions. 2. The Diversity of tropical Estuaries. 3. Fish Faunas and Communities. 4. Trophic Ecology. 5. Reproductive Strategies. 6. Effects of Structure and Hydrology. 7. Mangroves and Estuarine Dependence. 8. Estuarine Fisheries. 9. Effects of Fishing. 10. Effects of Industry and Agriculture. 11. Conservation, Rehabilitation and Climate Change. References. Taxonomic Index. Geographic Index. Subject Index.


"...any student or scientist working on tropical estuarine (or coastal) fishes must have this book." Fish and Fisheries "My reading indicates that this book will be a valuable reference for those interested in the current status of tropical estuarine systems and our knowledge of them. The book will also serve as a benchmark against which to measure future negative impacts and conservation efforts." Copeia
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