A History of Modern Planetary Physics: Transmuted Past

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Transmuted Past summarizes the attempts to estimate the age of the Earth during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.


Part I. Earth/History: 1. Introduction; 2. History and geology as ways of studying the past; 3. Kelvin and geological time; 4. Planetary science: from underground to underdog; Part II. Time and the Elements: 5. Cosmic evolution of matter; 6. Geochronology in the 20th century; 7. Stellar evolution and the origin of the elements.


Review of the hardback: '... can be highly recommended as a reference on the history of plantogonies.' Dr K. Regenauer-Lieb, Meteorite Review of the hardback: 'These three volumes give a very interesting overview of the historic development of theories beginning with the 17th century and ending in the 1980s, which have led to our present day understanding of the possible processes that have been involved in the formation of our solar system including Earth.' Open University Geological Society Journal Review of the hardback: '... a well-written and illustrated product ... ' David Oldroyd, Metascience
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