Shakers, Mormons, and Religious Worlds: Conflicting Visions, Contested Boundaries

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November 2010



This volume demonstrates how the Shakers and the Mormons maintained boundaries and created their own thriving, but insular communities separate and distinct from mainstream American Protestantism. The author describes the innovation deployed by both the Shakers and the Mormons through which they embraced their status as outsiders. He feels that their marginalization was critical to their initial success. He points out the differences between Shakers and Mormons and illuminates the characteristics which set these groups apart and helped them to become true religious dissenters.


Foreword by Catherine L. Albanese and Stephen J. Stein; Acknowledgments Introduction; 1. The Shakers in the World: Walls and Bridges; 2. Imagination and Reality in the Mormon Zion: Cities, Temples, and Bodies; 3. Godly Marriage and Divine Androgyny: Polygamy and Celibacy; 4. Boundaries in Crisis: The Shaker Era of Manifestations and the Mormon Reformation; Conclusion Notes; Bibliography; Index


Stephen C. Taysom teaches in the Department of Religious Studies at Cleveland State University.


"Readers will come away with a far more sophisticated sense of how groups maintain their distinctiveness and keep their membership." Catherine L. Albanese, University of California, Santa Barbara
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