Space in Language and Cognition

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In this 2003 book, Stephen C. Levinson uses differences between languages to explore the relation between language and thought.


Preface; 1. The intellectual background: two millenia of Western ideas about spatial thinking; 2. Frames of reference; 3. Linguistic diversity; 4. Absolute minds: glimpses into two cultures; 5. Diversity in mind: methods and results from a cross-linguistic sample; 6. Beyond language: frames of reference in wayfinding and pointing; 7. Language and thought.


Stephen C. Levinson is Director of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics and Professor of Comparative Linguistics at the University of Nijmegen. His publications include Pragmatics (Cambridge, 1983), Politeness (co-author Cambridge, 1987), Rethinking Linguistic Relativity (co-editor, Cambridge, 1996), Language Acquisition and Conceptual Development (co-editor, Cambridge, 2001) and Presumptive Meaning (2001).


"A fundamental part of this new-Whorfian movement has been Stephen Levinson's thinking about spatial language and cognition. It is valuable to have most of his arguments and data gathered together in this thought-provoking book." -Nora S. Newcombe, Human Development "Levinson's book will certainly stand as a textbook in the study of the relationship between language and cognition, and is rich and challenging reading...Those with an interest in the issue of linguistic variation will find an unusually well-documented and well-argued presentation of the actual variation in the domain of spatial reference." -Ingjerd Hoem, Institute for Pacific Archaeology and Cultural History, The Kon-Tiki Museum, Anthropological Linguistics
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