An Introduction to Our Dynamic Planet

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At last, an undergraduate textbook integrating the geophysics, geochemistry, and petrology of the Earth to explain plate tectonics and geodynamics.


1. An introduction to the structure and composition of the Earth; 2. The earth Earth; 3. Plate tectonics; 4. Processes at constructive plate boundaries; 5. Processes at destructive plate boundaries; 6. Processes during continental collision; 7. The deep mantle and global cycles; 8. The continental crust; Answers to questions; Appendices; Further reading; Glossary; Index.


Nick Rogers is a Senior Lecturer in Earth Sciences at the Open University, Milton Keynes, UK. His research interests are in the field of trace element and isotope geochemistry applied to igneous petrology, the composition of the mantle, and the interaction of mantle plumes with the continental lithosphere. Dr Rogers is a Council Member of The Geological Society of London and is also their Publications Secretary.


'Other books on global solid Earth processes lean heavily towards geophysics or geochemistry. This new textbook is a welcome departure from that model, with chapters arranged by process or region rather than by discipline (seismology, geodynamics, petrology). It is an excellent book for undergraduate students who need to broaden their backgrounds and learn to integrate their thinking.' Scott King, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 'I welcome the Earth systems science approach adopted by the authors to deliver a book of significant quality to academia.' The Geographical Journal '... recommend[ed] ... strongly for graduate students and geoscience teachers. Undergraduate students may use it successfully as a supplementary or advanced textbook. To read this book will also be very helpful for professionals.' Zentralblatt fur Geologie und Palaontologie
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