The Unemployment Crisis in Australia: Which Way Out?

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Dezember 2012



Since the 1970s the average level of unemployment in Australia has risen each decade. This has imposed huge economic, social and human costs, making unemployment one of the most pressing problems confronting Australia. This book argues that the current approaches of wage cuts and labor market flexibility will not solve the unemployment problem. Rather, the main solution is not wage cuts but job growth. This important book points to a way beyond the current policy malaise and offers detailed solutions to unemployment.


Introduction: the unemployment crisis and economic policy Stephen Bell; 1. The dimensions and costs of unemployment in Australia Martin Watts; 2. The causes of unemployment, William F. Mitchell; 3. Are wage cuts the answer? P. N. Junankar; 4. Labour market outcomes in the UK, New Zealand, Australia and the US R. G. Gregory; 5. Is growth the answer? John Burgess and Roy Green; 6. Can Keynesian policies stimulate growth in output and employment? J. W. Nevile; 7. Economic speed limits on growth II Stephen Bell, Roy Green and John Burgess; 8. Economic speed limits to growth Anis Chowdhury; 9. The public sector as a job engine John Quiggin; 10. What role for labour market programs? Elizabeth Webster; 11. Unemployment, inequality and the political economy of redistribution Stephen Bell.
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