Contemporary Hospitality and Tourism Management Issues in China and India

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This book represents a comprehensive, authoritative and up-to-date analysis of key sectors in the hospitality and tourism industries in China and India, and will address the market's growing need for information on Tourism in China and India. The text will be written in an accessible style drawing on the authors wealth of theoretical, educational and industry experience. The text will contain inputs from academic colleagues and commercial contacts from the identified region.Case studies will give real life experiences of hospitality and tourism companies and organisations operating in this region and will include interactive exercises and discussion points.


Foreword by key hospitality and tourism figures from China and India Contents Preface Introduction Part1 The Chinese and Indian Context Chapter one: The economic environment Chapter two: The cultural background Chapter three: Social and demographic perspectives Chapter four: Tourism trends Part2 Hospitality and Tourism Development and Management in China (including Hong Kong and Macau) Chapter five: Hotels and resorts Chapter six: Restaurants, fast food and contract food service Chapter seven: Tourism business Part3 Hospitality and Tourism Development and Management in India Chapter eight: Hotels and resorts Chapter nine: Restaurants, fast food and contract food service Chapter ten Tourism business Conclusions and future developments Case Studies Appendices Index of hospitality and tourism operators Subject index


Principal Lecturer in Tourism and Hospitality, Sheffield Hallam University. Susan is a specialist in applied consumer behaviour and marketing. She is the author of a wide range of books, articles, papers and distance learning materials with a particular focus on the tourism and hospitality sectors. Susan has also developed a particular interest and expertise in the writing and use of case studies for innovative teaching and learning experiences.
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