Amines: Synthesis, Properties and Applications

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November 2006



Specifically dedicated to the synthesis, properties and reactions of amines, this up-to-date resource demonstrates the importance of amines to life, and provides a short history of the development of ammonia synthesis and of amine chemistry from the 19th century to the present day. Practical synthetic and analytical methods are presented for laboratory preparation and detection of amines and their role in industry is reviewed. The work will be an invaluable reference for undergraduates and postgraduates, and for chemical researchers working in industry.


Preface; 1. An introduction to the amines; 2. Aliphatic, fatty and cyclic amines; 3. Aryl amines; 4. Heterocyclic amines; 5. Inorganic amines, hydrazine, hydroxylamine and amine ligands; 6. Small-scale syntheses and analytical methods for amines; 7. Amine protection, amine oxides and amino acids; 8. Selected commercial applications of amines; Appendices; Index.


Dr Lawrence is a professionally qualified chemist with over 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He is currently Director of chemical consultancy firm Mimas Ltd.


'Stephen Lawrence has made a noble attempt to produce a thorough review of such a diverse field of organic chemistry ... The introductory, historical section is fascinating, written as it is from an industrial perspective.' Chemistry World 'Lawrence's resource book brings up-to-date information about amines to the practicing chemist. Advanced undergraduates through chemical researchers working in industry will benefit from the information in this book ... Highly recommended.' CHOICE 'This emphasis on the industrial uses of amines gives the book a unique perspective, and makes it a potentially valuable teaching resource.' Angewandte Chemie '... this is a useful book for scientists to gain a knowledge of the industrial uses of amines and related substances, and has interesting historical perspectives in some chapters.' Organic Process Research & Development Journal 'I would recommend this book as a library purchase. It is highly readable, and presents a wealth of information on the industrial chemistry and applications of amines and related nitrogen compounds, not easily found elsewhere.' Chemistry and Industry
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