The Power of Language in the Making of International Law: The Word "Sovereignty" in Bodin and Vattel and the Myth of "Westphalia"

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Januar 2004



It is in the intellectual context of the new possibility of philosophy, and the great new challenge facing philosophy, that I place Stephane Beaulac's important book. His work takes advantage, in particular, of several of the hard-earned lessons of twentieth-century philosophy and social experience. "From the Foreword,"


Forwords by Prof. Philip Allott, Acknowledgements, Introduction,
Part I: Groundwork: Words, Myths, Power,
Chapter 1 The Function of Words, Meaning is Meaningless, Creating and Transforming Language, Language in time, Words as representative signs in society, Words as organic instruments, Words as social power, Summary,
Chapter 2 The Logic of Mythology, Origin Myths, Myths and Mythical Reality, Myths as Social Power, Summary, Groundwork Epilogue,
Part II: Language An "Inward-outward" Approach,
Chapter 3 Deconstructing Deconstruction, Deconstructionist Analysis, Deconstructionist Strategy, Summary,
Chapter 4 The Hermeneutics of Hermeneutics, The Traditional Hermeneutics, The First Critique of Hermeneutics, The Modern Hermeneutics, The Second Critique of Hermeneutics, Summary,
Part III: The Social Power of the Myth of Westphalia,
Chapter 5 The "Westphalian State"System, Heteronomous Organisation and Transcendental Institutions, Dynamics and War of Religion and Politics, The Peace Treaties, Religious issues, Territorial settlement, Treaty-making power, Recapitulation, Westphalia's Aftermath, Summary,
Part IV: The Social Power of the Word Sovereignty,
Chapter 6 Bodin's Sovereignty: Power-Centraliser, Immediate Personal Context, <The Discourse in Les six Livres de la Republique, Perpetual and absolute power, The power to make law, General assemblies and magistrates, Recapitulation, Extended Historical Context, Summary,
Chapter 7 Vattel's Sovereignty: Authority-Externaliser, Immediate Personal Context, The Discourse in Le Droit des Gens, Incorporation of power, Vattel's predecessors on moral personality of state, Vattel on moral personality of state, Independence of power, Non-intervention, Vattel's law of nations, Recapitulation, Extended Historical Context, Summary, Conclusion.
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