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Juli 2002



This is a case study of ways that labor is organized by public administration to produce state effects.


Acknowledgements; Introduction: Hands of a Government Man; Yes Minister: The Rise and Fall of the Ontario Antiracism Secretariat; Reengineering Immaterial G-Men; Reinventing Statolatry : From Nicos Poulantzas to Al Gore; Generalizing Social Terror: Public Management and Performance by Objectives; The Administration of Motivation: Any Cook Can Network; Notes; Select Bibliography; Index


Stefano Harney is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the City University of New York, College of Staten Island.


"Harney has taken us far from the pedestrian concerns of running a public agency and has shown us that in terms of a politics of social change, the bureaucrats are sexy, very sexy indeed. For that reason alone, this is a provocative book that is bound to stir up some change of its own."--Sanford F. Schram, American Journal of Sociology "[An] ambitious and audacious book... [P]rovocative."--M. Miller, Contemporary Sociology (review negative overall) "[Harney's] book shows this workplace may produce utopian dreams as well as nightmares, even at the state's collective heart. For this it is worth the read."--Greg McElligott, Labour/Le Travail Also reviewed in Choice and Canadian Public Administration. Listed in Critical Inquiry and CHE.
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