Lifestyle Brands: A Guide to Aspirational Marketing

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What do Apple, Patagonia, Virgin and Slow Food have in common? Why do millions of people identify with Nike and idolize Ferrari cars? Why some brands suddenly become fads and others turn into lifestyles? Antonio Marazza, general manager of Landor Milan, and Stefania Saviolo, professor at SDA Bocconi School of Management investigate the reasons why some brands are adopted by people not for what they do, or stand for but for the inspiration they provide. Drawing on both reliable, cutting edge research and empirical observation, this book offers a practical guide for successfully manage authority, cult, icon and lifestyle brands within industries where the symbolic value creation is key: fashion, luxury, design, premium food. First book to provide a consistent and dynamic approach to lifestyle brands with up to date cases and examples


Introduction - Brands and Symbolic Value Brands and Social Identities: an Increasingly Close Link The Brand: What is it, How it Builds Value and Why We Grow Fond of it From Authority to Lifestyle: a Mapping of Brands With High Symbolic Value How Lifestyle Brands Work: an Interpretative Model The Model in Action The Economic Impact and Financial Equity of the Brand Examples include Patagonia, Nike, The Body Shop, Abercrombie & Fitch, Club Med, Diesel, Apple, Virgin


Stefania Saviolo and Antonio Marazza
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