Economy, Polity, and Society: British Intellectual History 1750 1950

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Two volumes containing new essays by leading scholars in modern British intellectual history.


Preface; General introduction Stefan Collini; Presentation of 'Economy, Polity, and Society'; Part I: 1. Sociability and self-love in the theatre of moral sentiments: Mandeville to Adam Smith E. J. Hundert; 2. That noble disquiet: meanings of liberty in the discourse of the North Dario Castiglione; 3. Language, sociability, and history: the foundations of Adam Smith's Science of Man Nicholas Phillipson; 4. Adam Smith and tradition: The Wealth of Nations before Malthus Richard Teichgraeber; Part II: 5. Economy and polity in Bentham's science of legislation David Lieberman; 6. 'A gigantic manliness': Paine's republicanism in the 1790s Richard Whatmore; 7. Irish culture and Scottish enlightenment: Maria Edgeworth's histories of the future Marilyn Butler; 8. Improving Ireland: Richard Whately, theology and political economy Norman Vance; Part III: 9. Political and domestic economy in Victorian social thought: Ruskin and Xenophon Jane Garnett; 10. State and market in British university history Sheldon Rothblatt; 11. Mr Gradrind and Jerusalem Donald Winch; Acknowledgements, Index.


'... a remarkable collection of talented historians whose enthusiasm for their subject cannot help but assist in revivifying a field still much in need of due recognition.' History of Political Thought '... the authors contributing to this volume have an extremely deep, detailed and subtly nuanced understanding of their subject matter; the volume is a monument to scholarship in the best sense of that term ... All British intellectual historians must buy and engage with this book. Indeed, anyone involved in the study of nineteenth-century Britain would do well to read it as a corrective to the misconceptions and generalizations that occur in so many standard texts. For the eager undergraduate the book provides many examples of historical investigation of the highest quality, real benchmarks to measure aspirations against.' Cromhos
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