History, Religion, and Culture: British Intellectual History 1750 1950

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November 2015



Modern British intellectual history has been a particularly flourishing field of enquiry in recent years, and these two tightly integrated volumes contain major new essays by almost all of its leading proponents. The contributors examine the history of British ideas over the past two centuries from a number of perspectives that together constitute a major new overview of the subject. History, Religion, and Culture begins with eighteenth-century historiography, especially Gibbon's Decline and Fall. It takes up different aspects of the place of religion in nineteenth-century cultural and political life, such as attitudes towards the native religions of India, the Victorian perception of Oliver Cromwell, and the religious sensibility of John Ruskin. Finally, in discussions which range up to the middle of the twentieth century, the volume explores relations between scientific ideas about change or development and assumptions about the nature and growth of the national community.


Preface; General introduction Stefan Collini; Presentation of 'History, Religion, and Culture'; Part I: 1. Historical distance and the historiography of eighteenth-century Britain Mark Phillips; 2. Gibbon and the primitive church J. G. A. Pocock; 3. Gibbon's religious characters David Womersley; Part II: 4. 'The lust of empire and religious hate': Christianity, history, and India 1790-1820 Brian Young; 5. The Victorians and Oliver Cromwell Blair Worden; 6. Religion and politics in the Quarterly Review 1809-1853 William Thomas; 7. Ruskin's way: Tout ... fait comme un oiseau John Drury; Part III: 8. The politics of anatomy and an anatomy of politics ca. 1825-1850 Boyd Hilton; 9. Images of time: from Carlylean vulcanism to sedimentary gradualism John Burrow; 10. 'Race' and 'nation' in mid-Victorian thought Peter Mandler; 11. Political thought and national identity 1850-1950 Julia Stapleton; Acknowledgements; Index.


'... to specialist historians of philosophy ... it will contribute to their understanding of the intellectual soil in which their primary concerns took root.' British Journal for the History of Philosophy '... does not disappoint.' Journal of Ecclesiastical History
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