For the Glory of God

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August 2004



"I unequivocally recommend this book. Iconoclastic toward the conventional iconoclasts, it is likely to meet with considerable furor."--David Martin, author of "Does Christianity Cause War?"
"This important and brilliant new book makes a number of points desperately needed to be understood by academics, teachers, and lay people. The conventional wisdom on science, religion, witchcraft, slavery, and sects is unfortunately both firmly and falsely fixed. This book will clear up the muddle for anyone open minded enough to learn from it."--Jeffrey Burton Russell, author of "A History of Heaven"


List of Illustrations vii Acknowledgments ix Introduction: Dimensions of the Supernatural 1 CHAPTER 1 God's Truth: Inevitable Sects and Reformations 15 CHAPTER 2 God's Handiwork: The Religious Origins of Science 121 CHAPTER 3 God's Enemies: Explaining the European Witch-Hunts 201 CHAPTER 4 God's Justice: The Sin of Slavery 291 Postscript: Gods, Rituals, and Social Science 367 Notes 377 Bibliography 419 Index 465


Rodney Stark was for many years Professor of Sociology and of Comparative Religion at the University of Washington. In 2004 he became University Professor of the Social Sciences at Baylor University. He is the author of many books, among them "The Rise of Christianity" and "One True God" (both Princeton).


Winner of the History/Biography Award of Merit, Christianity Today Magazine Winner of the 2004 Distinguished Book Award, Society for the Scientific Study of Religion "[Stark] writes with a clarity and concision that make him a pleasure to read... A number of fondly held myths get demolished in this book."--David Klinghoffer, National Review "This is a sociology of religion that takes seriously what people believe. Stark knows that beliefs have consequences. They can even change the course of history."--David Neff, Christianity Today "[A] provocative volume--lucid and tightly reasoned."--Booklist "For the Glory of God ... is an important book. It is immensely learned, consistently contentious, and filled with brilliant, if sometimes eccentric, insights... [F]or those who are open to a very different interpretation of the development of Western Civilization ... For the Glory of God is strongly recommended."--First Things
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