Looking for Sex in Shakespeare

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August 2010



Considers how far sexual meaning in Shakespeare's writing is a matter of interpretation by actors, directors and critics


Foreword by Patrick Spottiswoode; Preface; Introduction; 1. Lewd Interpreters; 2. The originality of Shakespeare's Sonnets; 3. 'I Think he Loves the World only for him': Men loving Men in Shakespeare's plays.


Stanley Wells has devoted most of his life to teaching, editing, and writing about Shakespeare and his contemporaries. He was Director of the Shakespeare Institute from 1987 to 1997. He is General Editor of the Oxford editions of Shakespeare, edited King Lear for the multi-volume Oxford Shakespeare, and has been associated with the New Penguin edition, for which he edited several plays, since its inception. His publications include Shakespeare: A Dramatic Life, Shakespeare: For All Time (2002) and (with Paul Edmondson) Shakespeare's Sonnets (forthcoming in 2004). He is editor of Shakespeare on the Stage: An Anthology of Criticism, with E. A Davies of Shakespeare and the Moving Image, with Michael Dobson of The Oxford Companion to Shakespeare, with Margreta da Grazia of The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare, with Sarah Stanton of The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare on the Stage, and with Lena Orlin of Shakespeare: An Oxford Guide.

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