Active Tectonics and Alluvial Rivers

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Describes how rivers respond to active tectonics for graduate students, consultants and academic researchers.


Part I. Background: 1. Introduction; 2. Deformation and river response; Part II. Effects of Known Measurable Deformation: 3. Experimental studies; 4. Measured active tectonics; 5. Earthquake effects; Part III. Effects of Unmeasured Deformation: 6. Response of channel morphology, sedimentology, hydrology, and hydraulics; 7. Lateral response; Part IV. Applications: 8. Tectonics and fluvial sedimentation; 9. Identification of active and neotectonic structures; 10. Applications; References; Index.


'... an important new contribution to tectonic geomorphology and fluvial geomorphology. The authors have done an excellent job of bringing together theory of river processes, field observation, experiment study, and synthesis to better understand the connections between active tectonics and river processes. The book will be of interest to a variety of people, including civil engineers, physical geographers, hydrologists, geologists, and ecologists ... it is a really good read.' EOS 'This book brings together a large amount of literature and will be useful as a primer for engineers and earth scientists.' John Bridge, Sedimentology 'Find out how patterns of rivers may be used to trace movements of the Earth, from major faults such as the San Andreas to subtle uplifts such as the one along the Mississippi.' New Scientist
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