Biological Micro- and Nanotribology

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This book is written for scientists and engineers wishing to become familiar with biological micro- and nanotribology as a new interdisciplinary field of research combining methods and knowledge of physics, chemistry, mechanics and biology. Biological micro- and nanotribology aims to gather information about friction, adhesion and wear of biological systems and to apply this new knowledge to the design of micro-electro-mechanical systems, the development of new types of monolayer lubrication, the invention of new adhesives or the construction of artificial joints. Biologists, chemists, physicists and tribologists and many other applied scientists will find this book an essential addition to their libraries. Moreover, this bookalso gives an introduction to the higher levels of micromechanical analysis. It will provide valuable assistance for graduate students intending to become active in interdisciplinary research.


Introduction.- Physical Principles of Micro- and Nanotribology.- Biological Frictional and Adhesive Systems.- Frictional Devices of Insects.- Microscale Test Equipment.- Nanoscale Probe Techniques.- Microscopy Techniques.- Samples, Sample Preparation and Tester Setup.- Case Study I: Indentation and Adhesion.- Case Study II: Friction.- Case Study III: Material Properties.- Outlook.- Appendix



From the reviews:
"Their book is a valuable addition to the literature on the micromechanics of very thin films ... . The discussion is exceedingly well organized and well illustrated; many examples are provided from biological systems ... . Overall, the authors have succeeded admirably in providing and informative and thorough text, the publisher has produced an attractive book, and readers will find much material of interest ... . I recommend it to anyone who works in the area of micromechanics of friction and lubrication." (Howard A. Stone, Physics Today, June, 2002)
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