Prevention of Premature Staining in New Buildings

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Oktober 1996



The appearance of ugly staining early in a buildings life, ruins an otherwise pleasing appearance, tarnishes the image of the owners and gives rise to costly refurbishment works. In this book Phil Parnham raises a number of questions that should be considered whenever a new building is being designed or built. These are: * why has staining become so prominent; * what causes premature staining; which parts of new buildings are likely to be affected; * how can it be avoided? By using a number of highly illustrated case studies, the author answers these questions and ends by suggesting measures that should be taken by all design and construction professionals to prevent premature staining.


Preface. Acknowledgements. Defining premature staining. Historical Context. How and why buildings stain. Premature staining: case studies. Establishing a design strategy. Index.
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