Interactions of Photons and Neutrons with Matter (2nd Edition)

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This invaluable book is based on lecture notes developed for a one-semester graduate course entitled "Interaction of Radiation with Matter", taught in the Department of Nuclear Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The main objective of the course is to teach enough quantum and classical radiation theory to allow students in engineering and the applied sciences to understand and have access to the vast literature on applications of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation in materials research.Besides presenting the fundamental physics of radiation interactions, the book devotes individual chapters to some of the important modern-day experimental tools, such as nuclear magnetic resonance, photon correlation spectroscopy, and the various types of neutron, x-ray, and light-scattering techniques. This new edition contains added sections on such subjects as synchrotron radiation, neutron spin echo, and diffusive wave spectroscopy. End-of-chapter problems have also been added.


An Overview of Classical Mechanics; The Transition to Quantum Mechanics; Classical Treatment of Electromagnetic Fields and Radiation; Quantum Properties of the Field; Time-Dependent Perturbation Theory, Transition Probabilities, and Scattering; The Density Operator and Its Role in Quantum Statistics; First-Order Radiation Processes; Second-Order Processes and the Scattering of Photons; Principles of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance; Theory of Photon Counting Statistics; Dynamic Structure Factors; Linear Response Theory.
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