Optimal Design of Synchronous Motors Dedicated to Electric Traction

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This book describes a motor-converter systemic design methodology improving electric vehicles performances (EVP) such as: autonomy, power to weight ratio and ripple torque. This methodology takes in account of several physical, thermal and technological constraints. It rests on the coupling of a parameterized analytical model of the all motor-converter to a software based on genetic algorithms method in order to optimize parameters influencing the EVP on circulation mission in respecting several physical and technological constraints of electric vehicles. The analytical model developed covering several motor configurations is validated by the finite elements and experimental methods.


Souhir Tounsi was born in Sfax (Tunisia) in 1976. He received his Engineering, Depth Studies, PhD, and HDR Diplomas in electrical engineering from the National Engineering School of Sfax-University of sfax. He is currently an associate professor at the National School of Electronics and Telecommunications of Sfax-Sfax University-Tunisia.
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