Europe and the Breakup of Yugoslavia: A Political Failure in Search of a Scholarly Explanation

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September 2000



Providing a detailed analysis of the response of Western Europe to the disintegration of Yugoslavia, this account pays particular attention to the behaviour of the major Member States of the European Community (later Union) in two crucial moments of debate and decision-making.


List of Tables and Figures. Acronyms & Abbreviations. Acknowledgements.
1. Introduction.
Part I: The 'What' and 'How' in the European Management of The Yugoslav Conflict, An Account.
2. Introduction.
3. The 'What' in the European Response to the Yugoslav Conflict(s).
4. 'How' in the Management of the Yugoslav Conflict(s): Summing Up.
Part II: Beyond Facts, What Theory? The Neo-Neo-Synthesis: A Few Notes on a Theoretical Debate.
5. Introduction.
6. The Rationalistic Research Tradition, the 'Neo-Neo-Synthesis' and All That.
7. Matching Theory with Facts.
Part III: The European Response to the Yugoslav Crisis: A Political Failure in Search of a Scholarly Explanation.
8. Introduction.
9. Setting the Context.
10. The Recognition of Slovenia and Croatia.
11. The Debate on Military Intervention.
12. Conclusion and Perspectives. References. Index.


'"This book is soundly written and distinctly structured. It provides a concise and interesting deliberation of occurrences within a snug theoretical framework. Furthermore, it affords an insight into the way states' and EU policy evolved with a view to the Yugoslav wars, and will hopefully provide lessons for dealing with what, at the time of writing, looks like the terminal homicidal phase of the break-up of Yugoslavia nascent in Macedonia and southern Serbia.'
Mark Peggs, "Journal of International Relations and Development, (2001).
'"Experts on the Yugoslav crisis and on International Relations theory may feel they are familiar with some parts of this book's subject-matter. Probably they could all benefit from reading it as a whole.'
Roger Morgan, "International Affairs, 77:2.
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