Psychotherapy: An Eclectic-Integrative Approach

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Consistent with its predecessor, Psychotherapy, Second Edition espouses no single theoretical orientation. Neither is it a melange of concepts and techniques haphazardly slapped together from disparate schools of thought. Rather, it describes a dynamic, practical approach to the psychotherapeutic process as a whole. Based on its author's extensive review of the current literature as well as his more than half-century of clinical experience, the approach it outlines seamlessly integrates ideas common to a wide array of psychotherapeutic systems and incorporates modalities that have been shown to be effective in treating specific disorders. While the basic approach it describes is the same as that found in the original, the Second Edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the current state of the art in psychotherapy. Among its many timely additions are chapters in which the author traces the psychotherapeutic process through its three fundamental stages: from the beginning through the terminating phases of psychotherapy. Also new to this edition are Dr. Garfield's appraisal of the latest research on critical patient and therapist variables, his exploration of recent trends in short term psychotherapy, and his review of new and emerging integrative trends in psychotherapy.


Orientations and Viewpoints in Psychotherapy. The Therapy Client-Patient. The Psychotherapist. Therapeutic Variables in Psychotherapy. Common and Specific Factors in Psychotherapy. The Beginning Phase of Psychotherapy. The Middle and Later Phases of Psychotherapy. Terminating Psychotherapy. Theoretical Emphases and Issues. Brief and Long-Term Psychotherapy. Research in Psychotherapy. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Psychotherapy. Psychotherapy: A Concluding Note. Indexes.


SOL L. GARFIELD, PhD, is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Washington University. Since receiving his doctorate in clinical psychology from Northwestern University in 1942, Dr. Garfield has held teaching positions in several psychology departments, including those of Northwestern University, the University of Connecticut, the University of Nebraska, Ohio State University, and Columbia University. A certified practitioner since 1947, he has served as a clinical psychologist with the U.S. Army and as chief clinical psychologist at several V.A. Hospitals. He has also held prominent positions in many professional societies, including President of the American Psychological Association's Division of Clinical Psychology; President of the Society of Psychotherapy Research; and member of the American Psychological Association's Task Force on Psychological Intervention Guidelines. From 1979 to 1984, Dr. Garfield served as the editor of the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.


"...this volume is exceptional. It is a model of clear writing and meets a need within psychotherapy research as well as an eclectic approach domain..." (Archives of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Vol.6, No.2, June 2004)
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