Not Automatic: Women and the Left in the Forging of the Auto Workers' Union

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Mai 2000



This story of the birth and infancy of the United Auto Workers, told by two participants, shows how the gains workers made were not easy or inevitable -- not automatic -- but required strategic and tactical sophistication as well as concerted action.Sol Dollinger recounts how workers, especially activists on the political left, created an auto union and struggled with one another over what shape the union should take. In an oral history conducted by Susan Rosenthal, Genora Johnson Dollinger tells the gripping tale of her role in various struggles, both political and personal.


Part 1 Lost history - Sol Dollinger: Toledo Auto-Lite strike of 1934; 1935 Chevrolet transmission strike; Homer Martin elected president; factional warfare in the U.A.W.; U.A.W. Twenty-point program; U.A.W. targets Ford Motor; equality of sacrifice; anti-union forces ambush U.A.W. Local 212; mafia and Briggs linked by Senator Estis Kefauver hearings; Reuther slams door on union democracy, 1947-1948; good housekeeping seal of approval; who led the 1937 sitdown strikes in Flint? Part 2 Striking Flint - an oral history of Genora (Johnson) Dollinger by Susan Rosenthal: conditions before the strike; preparing for battle; sit down! women comer forward; the women's emergency brigade; breaking the stalemate; a blow against racism; the sweet fruit of victory; fighting racism; organizing the unemployed; personality speaking; class struggle during the war; the employers strike back; back to the future.
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