Canadian Archival Studies and the Rediscovery of Provenance

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Januar 1993



The best archival thinking and debate in Canada are reflected in this careful selection of previously published essays.


Tom Nesmith is Associate Professor of Archival Studies, Dept. of History, University of Manitoba, Winnepeg. He was previously an archivist at the National Archives of Canada (1978-1990) and general editor of Archivia.


...should be acquired by any library that supports archival education programs at any level, including archives courses in graduate schools of library science and history...the finest essays...highly recommended. Collection Management How splendid to have these important articles from the Association of Canadian Archivists...journal Archivaria brought together in one volume... Journal Of Information and Library Research ...clearly this work serves as a handy, one-volume book of reading on archival history and theory in Canada. This volume should be in every academic library, and especially in those offering archival courses. This is a welcome addition to today's archival literature. American Archivist ...interesting and wide ranging in their content be recommended to British archival theory in its international context and to re-examine the basic principle of our professional work from a number of different angles. Journal Of The Society Of Archivists important contribution to the recent and growing literature on the important volume...those interested in reviewing the archival literature on the evolution of archival thinking in Canada cannot do much better than this primer. Epilogue ...will interest American as well as Canadian readers. Library Quarterly
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