Neurones Without Impulses: Their Significance for Vertebrate and Invertebrate Nervous Systems

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Recent improvements in techniques of recording from single neurones have revealed that many do not usually fire impulses. This book reviews all known examples and considers how neurones can function without impulses. The results summarised are of central importance to our understanding of how nervous systems function at the cellular level.


Preface; 1. Introduction: the nerve impulse and the nature of nervous function Gordon M. Shepherd; 2. Integration by spikeless neurones in retina Gordon L. Fain; 3. Anatomy and physiology of identified non-spiking cells in the photoreceptor-lamina complex of the compound eye of insects, especially Diptera Stephen R. Shaw; 4. The responses of vertebrate hair cells to mechanical stimulation Ian J. Russell; 5. Non-impulsive stretch receptors in crustaceans Brian M. H. Bush; 6. Non-spiking interactions in crustacean rhythmic motor systems A. John Simmers; 7. Local interneurones in insects Malcolm Burrows; 8. Functional aspects of neuronal geometry Wilfrid Rall; 9. Synaptic and impulse loci in olfactory bulb dendritic circuits Gordon M. Shepherd; 10. Spikeless neurones: where do we go from here? Theodore H. Bullock; Index.
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