Herbicides and Plant Metabolism

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This volume provides a review of the most important areas of the biochemistry of herbicide action.


Contributors; Preface; 1. Herbicide use and invention K. P. Parry; 2. Herbicides interacting with photosystem II J. J. S. van Rensen; 3. Herbicides interacting with photosystem I A. D. Dodge; 4. Carotenoids and chlorophylls: herbicidal inhibition of pigment biosynthesis G. Britton, P. Barry and A. J. Young; 5. Herbicides inhibiting lipid synthesis J. L. Harwood, S. M. Ridley and K. A. Walker; 6. The shikimate pathway as a target for herbicides J. R. Coggins; 7. Herbicides that inhibit the biosynthesis of branched chain amino acids T. R. Hawkes, J. L. Howard and S. E. Pontin; 8. Glutamine synthetase and its inhibition P. J. Lea and S. M. Ridley; 9. Metabolism of herbicides - detoxification as a basis of selectivity W. J. Owen; 10. Bioactivated herbicides M. W. Kerr; 11. Mechanisms involved in the evolution of herbicide resistance in weeds P. D. Putwain and H. A. Collin; 12. Conferring herbicide resistance on susceptible crops J. Gressel; Herbicide glossary; Herbicide index; General index.


"...a welcome and valuable reference on my bookshelf. Water utility microbiologists, researchers and academics alike will appreciate this book, which is good value for the money while filling a gap in the available review literature." L. I. Sly, Quarterly Review of Biology
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