In Search of the Rain Forest

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März 2004



Collection of essays offers a multi-layered understanding of the social complexities of rainforest practice and representation, .


Mapping out the quest In search of the rain forest Candace Slater Rain forest icons Fire in El Dorado, or images of tropical nature and their practical effects Candace Slater; Subterranean techniques: Corporate environmentalism,oiloperations and social injustice in the Ecuadorian rain forest Suzana Sawyer; The voice of Ix Chel: Fashioning Maya tradition in the Belizean rain forest Alex Greene Rain forest and jungle In search of the Maya forest Scott Fedick Spectacle of wildness Bio-ironies in the fractured forest: India's tiger reserves Paul Greenough; Weapons of the wild: Strategic uses of violence and wildness in the rain forests of Indonesian Borneo Nancy Peluso; The viral forest in motion: Ebola, African forests and the new cartographies of environmental danger Charles Zerner Afterword The ongoing search Candace Slater


Candace Slater is Marian E. Koshland Distinguished Professor in the Humanities at the University of California, Berkeley. Among her books are" Entangled Edens: Visions of the Amazon" and" Dance of the Dolphin: Transformation and Disenchantment in the Amazonian Imagination."


"At this stage, anyone concerned with forest management would do well to read this book-it is an excellent demonstration of the value of a consciously-managed process of interdisciplinary dialogue."--Elery Hamilton-Smith, Electronic Green Journal
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