Advanced Techniques in Oriental Medicine

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Juli 2006



Skillfully weaving the time-honored principles of Oriental medicine into the cutting-edge reality of the clinic, this uncommonly useful guidebook offers a wealth of simple, yet effective, treatment strategies designed to help practitioners offer their patients the very best care possible. Skya Abbate's clear language and detailed descriptions guide you step-by-step through thirteen categories of disease, ranging from anxiety, geriatric, and chronic degenerative diseases to those illnesses thought to be untreatable. Featuring more than XXX line drawings, charts, and handy summary tables, the text also includes an overview of all aspects of needling, from the parameters of the needle itself to the importance of treating and anchoring the patient's spirit. Specialized chapters offer insight and guidance for practitioners seeking to enhance their treatment strategies with additional therapeutic techniques, including a comprehensive review of moxibustion, bleeding techniques, herbal liniments, infrared light, threading, and others. A detailed discussion of certain points and their specialized uses follows. Rounding out the text is a practical appendix with a glossary of Chinese medical terminology, sample instructions, and other forms for patients, as well as an index with more than 2,000 disorders. Advanced Techniques in Oriental Medicine -- with its practical approach, engaging manner, and wealth of insight -- is one resource practitioners will turn to again and again for guidance in their daily practice.


Department of Clinical Medicine, Southwest Acupuncture College, Santa Fe/Albuquerque, NM and Boulder, CO, USA
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