Wagner and the Romantic Hero

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Simon Williams addresses one of the most controversial aspects of Wagner's work, heroes and the heroic.


Acknowledgements; Names on abbreviations of sources; Introduction; 1. Modes of heroism in the early nineteenth century; 2. Wagner and the early nineteenth-century theatre; 3. Early music-drama: the isolated hero; 4. Heroism, tragedy, and the Ring; 5. The last music-drama: towards the Messiah; 6. Wagner's heroism on stage; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


Simon Williams is Professor of Dramatic Art at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He is the author of German Actors of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries: Romanticism, Idealism, and Realism (1985), Shakespeare on the German Stage: 1582-1914 (Cambridge, 1990), and Richard Wagner and Festival Theatre (1994).


"Whether or not the reader agrees with all points, those with an interest in Wagner and with some of the broader implications of his work will come away with cogent ideas to ponder. Another strength of the book is the writing, which is highly literate and very fine throughout." German Studies Review Barry Salwen, University of North Carolina, Wilmington Wagner and the Romantic Hero originated in talks that Williams gave at the Bayreuth Festival and elsewhere a few years ago. Now in the definitive printed version we also get a six-page bibliography as further evidence of a mastery over the applicable literature. All told, this book seems to be designed for a wide range of readers, Wagnerian initiates and tyros alike, who should learn much from its blend of knowledge and insight." - Christopher Hatch, Dorset, Vermont "Well worth reading for its insight into the music and drama." John Harrison, University of Northern Colorado, The Opera Journal
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