Health and Wealth: Studies in History and Policy

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November 2005



Complex policy problems cannot be understood by the social, medical, and policy sciences, alone. History is also required to interpret the present and to inform attempts to mold the future. This volume includes essays that seek to bring an historical perspective to bear on national and international policy concerns.


Simon Szreter teaches at the University of Cambridge


These essays are an intellectual delight. They also have profound implications for policy. Szreter arrays persuasive evidence that the preconditions for economic growth include economic and social security that is initiated and sustained by effective governments in collaboration with autonomous civic institutions. --Daniel M. Fox, Milbank Memorial Fund Health and Wealth is applied history at its most perceptive and most timely. Simon Szreter deploys his profound knowledge of the history of mortality to critique Britain's welfare policies, and to argue that in poorer countries government provision for pubic health should be developed before, not after economic modernisation. This book is essential critical reading for policy-makers. --John Tosh, Professor of History, Roehampton University, UK To understand Brazil in the 21st century, study the English city of Birmingham in the 19th. The powerful insight at the heart of this nuanced and highly readable account of health and social change is that the lessons of history are fundamental to understanding the relation of economic growth to health. --Professor Sir Michael Marmot, Director International Institute for Society and Health Simon Szreter has been prepared to grapple with some of the big issues in history, health and economic growth, and their implications for the present. This book is a vivid and outspoken contribution to the necessary relationship between history and policy. --Virginia Berridge, Professor of History, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Health and Wealth presents a unified and coherent intellectual argument, developed over time and here assembled, for a new interpretation of the causes of the decline in mortality in Britain and for the relevance of that interpretation to current national and international policy. JOURNAL OF THE HISTORY OF MEDICINE AND ALLIED SCIENCES, 2006
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