Beyond: Business & Society in Transformation

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We are living in a world of transformation, and the world tomorrow will be very different from the world today, or the world of yesterday. This extraordinary book will be fascinating to anyone concerned about the future of our world. Defining 6 key areas to discuss; society, religion, environment, science& technology, business, and politics, the authors draw a roadmap to the future. They investigate how unexpected changes and developments are transforming the social and business landscape of the 21st century. They have invited some of the world experts and specialists to contribute to this book, creating a virtual team spanning over all continents.


Creation of the virtual team Definition of the key search areas The world we are living in The key search areas The key issue stories Reframing Solutions Call for action


Mario Raich is a future thinker, a pioneer and a creative mind. Today he is coaching and consulting many industries about strategic innovation. He is an international management consultant. Raich has worked in top executive positions with large global organizations such as Xerox, Citigroup and Zurich Financial Services. 
Since 1997 Raich is Chairman of Learnità LTD (, a London based company; "The Innovation Enabler" with a worldwide network focusing on strategic innovation. He previous positions include Visiting Professor at HEC in Paris; Visiting Professor at ESADE Graduate School of Business in Barcelona, and GSM of the Educatis University in Altdorf, Associate Professor, and Founding Director of the Institute for Strategic Innovation
Simon Dolan is Ramon Llul University Full Professor of HRM in ESADE Business School, one of the worlds leading academic institutions. He was previously a full tenured Professor of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour at the School of Industrial Relations (The University of Montreal) and McGill University, in Canada. Dolan has written extensively in the fields of human resource management, industrial/organizational psychology and on occupational stress. Dolan is the Editor of Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal, and also serves on the editorial board of several international scientific journals such as Human Resource Planning, Management Research, Career Development International, and more. 
Dolan has written more than 33 books. He is the scientific director of IEL (Institute for Labor studies) in ESADE, and as such provides leadership to the various research projects undertaken by the Institute. Dolan is also the president of his own Montreal-based Human Resource Management Consulting firm (GESTION MDS MANAGEMENT INC) which provides services in broad issues of human resource management for over 29 years (since 1978). In 2005 he co-founded an EU based consulting firm called 'Spirit Consulting group'. 

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