Ngugi Wa Thiong'o

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A comprehensive study of all the works of Kenyan dramatist and novelist, Ngugu wa Thiong'o.


Chronology; 1. Introduction: reading texts and contexts; 2. Narrative and nationalist desire: early short stories and The River Between; 3. Educating colonial subjects: the 'Emergency' stories and Weep Not, Child; 4. Representing decolonization: A Grain of Wheat; 5. The poetics of cultural production: Petals of Blood; 6. Performance and power: the plays; 7. The prisonhouse of culture: Detained and Devil on the Cross; 8. The work of art in exile: Matigari; 9. Writing freedom: essays and criticism; Conclusion.


"Gikandi has done historians a favor with this wide-ranging book." International Journal of African History "Solid, mainstream postcolonial criticism, Gikandias book should be [in] all libraries supporting serious study of postcolonialism and/or African literature and history." Choice "Gikandi is one of the most erudite and insightful critics we have ... and, with his latest offering, he may very well have produced the best extant monograph on Ngugi wa Thiong'o." Research in African Literature "Gikandi has written a scholarly bokk on an important African writer that all serious scholars of Ngugi and of African literature will find indispensable...this book is the best so far on Ngugi wa Thiong'o...Gikandi's book is a first-rate work on Ngugi and his place in the African literary canon." World Literature Today Nov 2001
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