The Modernisation of Russia, 1676-1825

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Synthesis and in-depth thematic analysis of Russia's modernisation and her emergence as a Great Power.


Preface; Abbreviations; Chronology; 1. Modernisation and Russian history; 2. Imperial great power; 3. Finance and taxation; 4. Society; 5. Government and politics; 6. Culture; 7. Ideology; 8. Economy; Conclusion; Further reading.


' ... a bold, ambitious attempt at an new interpretation of a key period in Russian history ... nobody will make the acquaintance of this pathfinding work without deriving not only the benefit offered by a large amount of pertinent information but also a healthy stimulus towards a deeper understanding of one of the most crucial processes in Russian history.' Europe - Asia Studies 'The author ... synthesizes a huge amount of recent scholarship in several languages with insight and wit ... this learned gem of a book should find many readers at all levels of sophistication.' The Russian Review ' ... an excellent analytical account of a colourful period in Russian history; and is accessible to undergraduates of European and Russian history, as well as to the more specialist reader.' History Now '... should be added forthwith to the reading lists of both general surveys of European history and Russian special courses.' Lindsey Hughes, English Historical Review 'He combines a balanced and comprehensive analysis of conflicting interpretations of Russian cultural and social development ... with a well-written narrative and clear conclusions.' Dominic Lieven, Slavonic and East European Review
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