One Nation Under Surveillance

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April 2013



What limits, if any, should be placed on a government's efforts to spy on its own citizens in the interests of national security? By reframing the relationship between privacy and security One Nation Under Surveillance offers a framework to defend freedom without sacrificing liberty.


Introduction: The End of Privacy; Part I: Context; 1 The Spy Who Came In from the Cold War; 2 The Exception and the Rule; 3 Secrets and Lies; Part II: Cases; 4 The United States Before and After 9/11; 5 Britain Before and After the European Convention on Human Rights; 6 The United Nations Before and After Iraq; Part III: Lessons; 7 Oversight and Review; 8 Limits on the Collection or Use of Intelligence; 9 A New Social Contract


Simon Chesterman, Global Professor and Director of the New York University School of Law Singapore Programme, and Vice Dean and Professor of Law at the National University of Singapore.


One Nation Under Surveillance is rich in theory and crafted with a scholarly eye. Chesterman concisely surveys the political history and jurisprudential treatment of intelligence activities, before providing an engaging comparative perspective on the flawed approaches pursued by the United States, United Kingdom and United Nations in recent times. |s Alexis Kalagas, The Global Journal |s 08/04/2012
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Untertitel: A New Social Contract to Defend Freedom Without Sacrificing Liberty. Sprache: Englisch.
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