British Imperialism 1750 1970

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British Imperialism 1750-1970 seeks to address a number of controversial and complex debates in the study of British imperial history. Themes such as the relationship between economics and empire, changing British attitudes towards indigenous societies, and the impact of empire on Britain are interwoven with particular case studies. Drawing on a wide range of primary and secondary sources, this book provides an accessible introduction to the study of the British Empire from the loss of the American colonies in the second half of the eighteenth century to Britain's final imperial retreat in the aftermath of the Second World War.


From the contents:
1. The Seven Years War and the crisis in North America
2. Establishment of empire in Asia and the Pacific
3. Self-determination in the colonies of European settlement
4. Humanitarianism, anti-slavery and missionary activity
5. Rule and response in nineteenth-century India
6. Imperialism and nationalism in India
7. Britain's imperial century, 1815-1914
8. Challenge to imperial authority: South Africa and Ireland
9. The British Empire in the Middle East
10. End of Empire: Africa
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