Sustainability Indicators

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The groundbreaking first edition of Sustainability Indicators reviewed the development and value of sustainability indicators and discussed the advantage of taking a holistic and qualitative approach rather than focusing on strictly quantitative measures. In the new edition the authors bring the literature up to date and show that the basic requirement for a systemic approach is now well grounded in the evidence.They examine the origins and development of Systemic Sustainability Analysis (SSA) as a theoretical approach to sustainability which has been developed in practice in a number of countries on an array of projects since the first edition. They look at how SSA has evolved into the practical approaches of Systemic Prospective Sustainability Analysis (SPSA) and IMAGINE, and they provide an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of projects that undertake work in the general field of sustainable development, and, in particular, how a wide range of participatory methodologies have been adopted over the years.


Part I: The Bad Application of Good Science * Sustainability and Sustainability Indicators * Sustainability Indicators in Practice * Indicators, Cities, Institutions and Projects * Part II: The Application of Realistic Systemisism * Paradigms and Professionals * Project, Sustainability Indicators and Scenarios * Imagine: A Systemic Approach to Sustainability Analysis * Imagine in Organizations * Part III: Seven Years On: What has Been Achieved and Where to Next * Humility and Honesty * Bibliography, index


Simon Bell is Director of the Bayswater Institute in London, a Senior Lecturer at the Open University and co-author with Stephen Morse of Measuring Sustainability (2003) and also co-author of How to Set Up Information Systems (2003). Stephen Morse is Reader in development studies, Department of Geography, University of Reading, UK, and author of Indices and Indicators in Development (2004).


"* 'Explores new ways of thinking about how to measure sustainability... It offers stimulating food for thought for environmental educators and researchers' Environmental Education Research * 'Tells me, as an SI "practitioner", where I have been and why, and more importantly how I should be thinking in order to effectively present to and empower the local community' David Ellis, Principal Pollution Monitoring Officer, Norwich City Council"
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