Cover Crops and Low Input Farming: Lessons from Latin America

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Mai 2001



Lessons learned in Latin America is about the use and dissemination of cover crops in different agroecosystems need to be made more widely available not only to Spanish speaking, but also Anglophone regions. This publication aims to inform a wide range of actors involved in rural development projects, as well as those in applied research, of the potential of cover crops as components of low external input agricultural (LEIA) systems. Cover crops are, or have the potential to be, an important component in complex, diverse, risk-prone and resource poor farming situations.The publication includes selected case studies from four different countries within Latin America. These address key issues regarding crop cover integration in LEIA systems. A wide range of agroecosystems are covered by the case studies, so that the information can be adapted for use in other regions.


Dr Simon Anderson is at the International Institute for Environment and Development, UK
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