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April 2002



A translation of selected essays by Brazilian critic and cultural theorist, Silviano Santiago.


Contents - Introduction - Silviano Santiago, a voice in-between; Why and for what purpose does the European travel?; Latin American discourse - The space in-between; Eca, author of Madame Bovary; Universality in spite of dependency; The rhetoric of verisimilitude; Worth its weight (Brazilian modernist fiction); The permanence of the discourse of tradition in modernism; Repression and censorship in the field of the arts during the 1970s; Literature and mass culture; The postmodern narrator; Worldly appeal


Martin Hopenhayn is Social Development Researcher for the United Nations' Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) in Santiago, Chile. While he is the author of numerous books in Spanish, this is the first English language collection of his writing. Cynthia Margarita Tompkins is Associate Professor of Spanish at Arizona State University. Elizabeth Rosa Horan is Associate Professor of English at Arizona State University.Silviano Santiago is Professor of Brazilian Literature at the Universidade Federal Fluminense in Niteroi. He is a novelist, poet, translator, and theorist whose books include the novel "Stella Manhattan, " also published by Duke University Press.Ana Lucia Gazzola is President and Professor of English, Romance, and Comparative Literature at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil.


"This collection of essays by Silviano Santiago makes a superlative contribution to Brazilian studies, both literary and cultural. Culled from approximately thirty years of production, the superior selection covers the development of Santiago's wide-ranging critical thought."--Leslie Damasceno, Duke University
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